VREF Business Jet Aircraft Appraisal (DESKTOP)

VREF Business Jet Aircraft Appraisal (DESKTOP)

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VREF is your go-to expert for USPAP Compliant, Accredited Aircraft Appraisals.

 Desktop appraisals determine the value of a specific aircraft based on the installed equipment list, including avionics, optional equipment, STCs, modification or conversions, as well as a set of photos and a logbook review.

VREF is the leading aircraft appraisal firm in the world, with thousands of aircraft appraisals completed each year by Accredited Senior Appraisers with hundreds of years of combined experience.

Our appraisal report contains the following sections:

Executive Summary in which we detail the Current Fair Market Value for each aircraft.
An analysis and summary for each aircraft are provided.
Aircraft Specification provides a detailed description of the subject aircraft:
Determination of the Current Fair Market Value for the subject aircraft.
Sales comparisons for recently sold like-kind aircraft.
Historical aircraft values dating back to delivery.
Current Market Trends.
Average Days on Market, Aircraft for sale over the last 12 months.
The appropriate research includes many sources including, but not limited to, data collected through our research department, previous appraisals, previous evaluations, financial institution closings reported to VREF, aircraft advertised for sale, published value information, and the use of proprietary databases.
Current Fair Market Value Statement with Certificate of Value
USPAP Certification Statement as of the effective date of the appraisal.
Valuation Methodology, Statement of Assumptions/Limiting Conditions, and Valuation Methodology Terms and Definitions.
During Checkout, please upload the following files:
1. Aircraft Spec sheet with installed equipment, avionics, STCs
2. Photos of the aircraft (Interior, Exterior and avionics panel)
3. Digital Maintenance Tracking Status Report and 24-Month Due List (CAMP, Cescom, FlightDocs)